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Thursday, 16 January 2014

January WIPocalypse 2014

It's been under a week since my last update but I have joined WIPocalypse 2014 and today is posting day. I have made some progress on both Forest Walk and Spring sampler.

So, a brief introduction, my name is Elle and I will be 32 in February.  I live with my husband and my cat Smokey in a flat just outside of Greater London in the South East.  As well as stitching, I love watching Sci-fi on TV, reading fantasy books and gaming.

I have two main WIP's: Forest Walk (HAED) and Spring Sampler.  Forest Walk is going to be given to some dear friends as a wedding present (no date set yet!) so this is my main project.  I stitch Spring Sampler during lunch breaks and at a stitching club I go to once a week.

My goals for 2014 are:
1.  To stitch as much of Forest Walk as possible (about a page per month)
2.  Complete Spring Sampler
3.  To complete one UFO (probably Two Tigers)
4.  To start Summer Sampler

    I am a self confessed serial starter and just before Christmas I treated myself to another HAED. It's the large version of Treasure Hunt Bookshelf by Aimee Stewart and it is gorgeous!  Now I am fully commited to completing Forest Walk but I couldn't resist this one. It called to me. I have started it but I only work on it occasionally (mainly when I'm fed up with the greens and browns in Forest Walk).  So here is my small progress on Treasure Hunt bookshelf.

I hope you enjoyed the update.  See you next time.


  1. Beautiful projects! I can't wait to see next month's progress.

  2. WOW! Forest Walk is AMAZING!! I can't wait to see more progress!

  3. Oooo! Pretty work! What kind of gaming do you do?

  4. I found your blog on the WIPocalypse check-in. Forest Walk and Treasure Hunt Bookshelf are amazing! Spring Sampler is very pretty and I'd be tempted to start the other seasons too! Why wait? LOL

  5. Thank you everyone. Kitten - atm I'm playing Diablo 3 and Tomb Raider on xbox. I love Final Fantasy too. I also play board games. My favourite board game is Carcasonne.
    SoCal Debbie - Sometimes I can show restraint but every now and then I see a design that I just have to stitch right now (Treasure Hunt Bookshelf for example ;D)