One stitch at a time.......

Saturday, 2 November 2013


Well this is my first blog entry in my first ever blog.  Hello!  I've been meaning to start a blog for quite some time.  In recent months, I have spent a lot of time reading other people's blogs (if you are ever stuck for inspiration, there are some amazing bloggers out there) and I thought I would dip my toe in the water and see how it goes.

This blog is called The Lilac Thread.  I will be keeping track of all my cross stitch projects on here.  I may at some point add other projects to it but as I have quite a few cross stitch projects I thought it would be a good idea to start with those and monitor their progress.

At the moment I have three WIP's (Works In Progress):

My number one WIP is Forest Walk which is a Heaven and Earth Design (HAED).  I spend most of my evenings working on this one.  I have been working on it for about two years now.  It's about 50% complete.  I plan to give it to a couple, who are dear friends of mine, as a wedding present. The good news is that they haven't set a date yet so I could complete it before the big day.  This is the last photo I took:

I've stitched a bit more of it since then.  I take pictures after I complete each page so my next update will be in a few weeks.

My number two WIP is Spring Sampler by Jannlynn.  

There are designs for all four seasons and I have all of them.  I stitch this when I am on my lunch break at work.  I had originally started the Winter Sampler which was on 18-count aida but the design has so many fractional stitches and on 18 count I found that it is too small to see the fractionals and I kept missing them.  I started Spring Sampler on 32-count linen (two over two) which is working much better for me.  All the other samplers will be stitched on the same count.  After I finished Spring Sampler I was going to move on to Summer, then Autumn, then re-do Winter Sampler but that plan is highly likely to change.  

Number three is Treasure Quest which is another HAED.  The design is by Randal Spangler.  I just love the colours in this design.  I stitch Treasure Quest when I need a break from Forest Walk.  I am still on the first page.

Well that's all for now.  Until next time!